Digital Methods

The following tutorials were developed at Digital Scholarship and Publishing Services (DSPS) of Duke University Libraries with the support of the Humanities Unbounded grant which supports leveraging digital research methods to visiting scholars and the Humanities Laboratories of the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute. The tutorials are designed to encourage scholars to consider now digital methods may facilitate their investigations and enrich the pedagogical experience in the classroom by using archival materials as an opportunity to create significant learning experiences that motivate us to reflect on our sources in new ways. These videos have been used as standalone references as well as preliminary introductions for workshops that I have lead in person and in virtual learning environments. Each of the following methods has been framed in a way that will facilitate collaborative inquiry among scholars and students.

Tutorial introduction to text analysis for undergraduates

This tutorial may be used as a standalone use-case demonstration of OverviewDocs. It was designed for in-class activities with an undergraduate humanities audience.

Tutorial for scholars preparing to work in archives

This tutorial addresses the problem of work-flow and image management for scholars in the humanities already familiar with the software Tropy.

Tutorial introduction to image management

This tutorial addresses problems of organization in image archives and presents the open-source software Tropy as an option for building taxonomies and performing cross-sectional analyses. It was designed for an undergraduate audience.

Tutorial Introduction to network visualization

This tutorial advances the value of studying social movements by focusing on the interrelationship of actors, using the open-source software Kumu to map group affiliation. It was deigned with scholars and instructors in mind.

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